John McCall MacBainJohn McCall MacBain (Québec and Wadham, 1980) and Rhodes Trustee

Original Founder of Trader Classified Media and now President of the McCall MacBain Foundation and Pamoja Capital SA





Dear fellow members of the Rhodes community

September 2013 will mark 110 years of Rhodes Scholars coming up to Oxford.  It is also the first year for us, the Scholar family, taking on true responsibility to ensure the future of the world’s leading Scholarship.  To celebrate this milestone in the history of the Scholarships and to take stock of our new responsibilities, we want to bring members of the Rhodes community back together to “connect, communicate and contribute” to the future of our family.

An Advisory Committee of Rhodes Scholars as well as staff from Rhodes House and the University of Oxford have come together to develop the anniversary get-together.  We have planned a series of social, educational and consultation sessions to be held across Oxford to re-engage you, be you a close relative or a distant cousin, in fighting ‘the world’s fight’ by developing ‘leaders for the world’s future’.

There have been many remarkable changes over the past few years within the Rhodes Trust.  Scholars have come together to take greater responsibility for the present and future of the Trust, by becoming active on the Board of Trustees and expanded Trustee committees on Governance, Scholarship, Finance and Investment, and Development.  This anniversary is the time for our family council meeting and social event.

Please join us in celebrating the diversity and achievements of Rhodes Scholars around the world, receive an update from the Trustees on the significant changes over the years, and help us to ensure the world’s pre-eminent Scholarship programme remains competitive and in existence for future generations of the world’s leaders.

Connecting you across year groups, constituencies and areas of interest, the Committee is working to deliver an exciting programme of events for us all to enjoy. However, it is more than that: we need this family council meeting to unite us, focus our efforts and remember that the dream of one generous man should not be forgotten. 

Come home to Oxford!

John McCall MacBain

(Québec & Wadham 1980)
Chair of the 110th Rhodes Anniversary – 2013 and Rhodes Trustee